Kozybaby Welcomes You

Welcome, from the Founder

As Founder and CEO, I thought it would be nice to have a space where we could share with our customers a bit more about Kozybaby: our company, our team, our joys and maybe even some of our struggles (because we have those too, ya know…).
The Kozybaby was designed purely out of my own personal need. When my precious little Sophie was born in the summer of 2010 there were many things I found a lot more challenging than I had anticipated, bath time being one of them. I had never really been around babies before (okay maybe I held one a time or two) so bath time became quite a terrifying event. I remember thinking to myself, how do other people do this with only two hands? The regular bath towel made no sense to me at all. I wanted an apron, made from a towel, with a hood of course (hoods make everything easier). My husband always tells me I have a funny way of getting what I want… so I started a company! Makes sense, right? I just knew that if I was in need of such a product then others were too.
Since designing and creating the Kozybaby I haven’t looked back. Each year we have grown and moved forward with our goals and I could not be more proud of the team* we have created. Although I joke when people ask me when I’m having a second baby and tell them, “Kozybaby IS my second baby”, it is truly a labor of love. To see something be formed out of an idea, be sold to customers all over the US and to receive wonderful customer reviews seems like a dream come true. Kozybaby was further validated last year when we were named one of Red Tricycles ‘Top 14 Bath Time Essentials’ (check out the article here http://redtri.com/baby-bath- essentials/) and have had countless bloggers write wonderful (unpaid) reviews that remind me why I started this whole show. This has truly become an amazing adventure and we have barely begun to scratch the surface.
We are excited about the future here at Kozybaby and want to share our experiences with you as we grow. We also love giveaways… so follow us, share your stories with us, ask us questions, follow our Blog, follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook (and yes, more colors will be coming in the future)! We would love to hear from YOU!
Amanda M. West
Founder/CEO Kozybaby LLC