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This post is coming to you from the great state of South Carolina. Not just anywhere in the Palmetto State but the beautiful, secluded island of Edisto. My mom and I recently discovered this gem in October of 2013 when we flew down for a short visit to see a property she had her eye on. It didn’t take much for her to realize that this was definitely the place to buy a second home. I was thrilled of course, because the only thing better than buying a beach house is your parents buying one! Oh yes, it’s the best!

EdistoA while ago I read an article circulating on Facebook (find it here http://www.sunnyskyz.com/blog/286/This-Mom-Perfectly-Explains-Going-To-The-Beach-With-Kids-Vs-Going-Without-Kids#LiBAT38q7dXuWLp2.01) explaining what it’s like to go to the beach with kids… If you’ve done it once you will appreciate this article. While I found it to be hilarious it also made me realize that the entire “going on vacation” experience is completely different with kids in tow! I tend to be the packer for the family. And while my husband will disagree, I try my darndest not to over pack (insert hubby eye roll here). We have traveled quite a bit with little Sophie and I must give her a huge shout out for being awesome on every journey! No matter how many checklists I have and double (triple) checks I do there is always one thing I forget that would have ultimately made our lives so much easier while traveling… Like our Kozybaby.

Now I know, you usually don’t think you need to bring a bath towel with you on vacation, but once you get used to the convenience it’s hard to live without. The first time we traveled with Sophie I just packed the usual clothes, bathing suits and a few of her toiletries. I remember having her in the bath and thinking, oh no I have to use a regular towel….! I usually like resort towels for myself, for the little ones, not so much. Let’s not get started on what I think about regular towels for babies. After all I did start an entire company based on the personal need for a different kind of kid towel… I digress. Ever since that first trip the Kozybaby is the first thing in the bag. Literally. I like to put it on the bottom and lie the clothes on top .

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-Amanda M. West

Founder/CEO Kozybaby LLC