As a first-time mother with a husband working swing shifts, I often found myself alone and slightly terrified at bath time.  In spite of all my best organizational skills with every necessary product at hand, it still never failed.  When it came time to retrieve my darling daughter from her warm, soothing washtub, I looked like an amateur magician swinging around an awkward cape. She squirmed and I got drenched. Every. Single. Time. Clearly I was doing something wrong.  There had to be a better way.

After scribbling down what looked like a design for a cross between a towel and an apron (I am by no means an artist), I convinced myself I HAD to have one of these!!  Thus Kozybaby was born. And if I felt the need for such a product I knew other parents would too.

Kozybaby makes a perfect cape!Whether bath time is a way for you to bond with your child, or to simply wind down a hectic day before bed, I hope you find the Kozybaby as helpful as both my husband and I have.  And at the age of two and a half, now our little Sophie has also found, it IS indeed, a perfect cape.

Amanda M. West – Founder/CEO